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Since 2006 estound has driven measurable marketing results for midmarket businesses in dozens of industries. We know what success looks like and our proprietary process allows us to scale that success for others.

All too often, businesses look at marketing as a production facility — a means for cranking out blog posts, web pages, SEO content, social media posts, ad creative, direct mail campaigns, email newsletters, and brochures en masse. And contracts with companies that provide marketing services are typically structured around monthly allowances for the creation and maintenance of these types of tactics.

But the desire for materials and the willingness for agencies to use them as a basis for service scope both support a damaging misconception. Marketing’s value is not driven by the amount of “stuff” it creates but by the impact they make to a firm’s profit and loss statement by creating revenue or optimizing efficiencies in customer acquisition. The “stuff” is part of a bigger ecosystem and is only effective when it’s aligned with objectives laid down by executive management and the needs of our customers in the marketplace.

That’s why we designed our Fractional Marketing Department services around our ability to partner with an organization to drive the kind of success that matters rather than simply sell tactics and materials that will not impact the bottom line.

When we engage with a company we partner with leadership to develop and execute plans and strategies that deliver on core business goals, not just the fun tactical stuff that looks good but accomplishes little.

If you are tired of bad marketing investments, let us take a different approach and show you not only how marketing can help you meet the objectives that matter to your success, but also how we can get there together.

Erik Wolf & Greg Bond

Co-Principals, estound



estound has been delivering marketing breakthroughs to growth-minded business leaders for more than 15 years. Based in the beautiful Colorado front range, estound is a regional and national award-winning marketing agency serving primarily mid-market clients. For more information about our work and our team, visit our main website at

Without estound, we may have gone out of business. Now we’re growing. We grew 27% last year.

David DeCamillis
VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks

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