Aesthetics Advancements Institute:
Digital strategy

What happens when you’re no longer the only game in town?

Aesthetics Advancements Institute (AAI) is a legend. Over the years, they’ve given more than 10,000 nurses, dentists and physicians hands-on training in the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic procedures.

The problem with being one of the few professionals in town? You forget how to compete. 

AAI had such a steady pipeline of referrals that it never had to figure out how to tell its story. That changed in 2015, as aggressive new competitors jumped into aesthetic training. 

Suddenly, AAI didn’t look like a legend. It just looked old.

Buyer behavior had changed. So we did, too.

We did a deep dive into AAI’s site and SEO strategy. And we didn’t like what we found. AAI had no way to identify or speak with people who searched for career advice by scrolling social feeds, instead of speaking with their friends.

So we rebuilt the site with an app for finding classes and made it as easy as possible for medical professionals to register for class, while also considering technical SEO. It was a tad trickier than it sounds! Healthcare industries are tightly regulated by the government. And matching the allowable copy with hashtag-it, meme-it, misspell-everything consumer-speak was a challenge.

In the end, AAI had a site people could easily discover. And a compelling brand story that relied not on rumors, but on the respect AAI had earned over the years.

The results were more than just cosmetic.

The new site was supported by a mixture of organic and paid search campaigns. And within a few months, we’d successfully created a fresh, steady stream of potential students.

  • Site traffic increased by 30% in year 1, 46% in year 2 and 30% in year 3
  • Class attendance went from a quarter filled to maxed out in many cities

The new site and a smart digital strategy helped AAI reclaim their status for a new generation of medical professionals. The legend lives on.


For years most of the calls that came in were just referrals by friends… estound has changed that completely. Now we have a digital presence we can rely on.

Anne Marie Camp
Education Liaison Director, AAI

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