Crisis management

The right time to address a public relations mess? Before it even begins.

Platte River Networks built its business the old-fashioned way. One lead at a time. And we approached its marketing similarly, carefully planning its cost per acquisition strategy and measuring the lifetime value of its average customer.

Then one of the customers turned out to be anything but average.

Suddenly, Platte River Networks found itself in the middle of a vicious national scandal. Attacked by Senators. Barraged by hackers.

We’re not a crisis management specialist. But it turned out, we didn’t have to be to ensure our clients got the ongoing results we knew they deserved.


The past wasn’t prologue. It was preparation.

David DeCamillis , VP of Sales and Marketing, saw estound’s Erik Wolf speak at the Ingram Micro Cloud Conference in 2014. He knew right away he’d found his agency partner.

Together, we focused not on a flashy campaign, but on constructing a steady marketing engine that drove qualified leads to the sales team.

We also designed Platte River Network’s site. And, like always, we developed it with sound security practices in mind. (Little did we know how critical they’d become!)

And one of our greatest impacts was internal. We partnered with DeCamillis to articulate and evangelize the role of marketing within the organization. Together we successfully mounted a case to double the department’s headcount.

Then the news hit.

And the result was… nothing.

It’s hard to overstate the stress and pressure of a national political scandal. Nothing in Platte River Networks’ experience could have prepared the people there for the emotional turmoil. The death threats. The media scrutiny.

But business? That was a whole other story.

The site was never breached.

Acquisitions barely dented.

We performed social media monitoring and created content to reinforce Platte River Network’s ethical values. And through it all, we kept the engine running. Nurturing current customers. Measuring new Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads.

So after the storm passed, Platte River Networks shined, growing 27% in just one year, again and again each year since.

In the two years preceding the crisis, they received 3k new users to the site a year, but for the last two years, it’s been 30k new users (10X).

No one wants to go through a public relations nightmare. But Platte River Networks endured because it had its marketing engine in place. And ready to roar when it needed to most.

Platte River Networks

Without estound, we may have gone out of business. Now we’re growing. We grew 27% last year.

David DeCamillis
VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks

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