TEC Integration: Marketing strategy

The cabling market was dimming. Here’s why we made it brighter.

For years, cabling was a pipeline to profits. The industry was booming. And TEC Integration was one of Colorado’s best, helping homeowners and businesses alike get the hardware they needed and the access they craved. 

But over time, infrastructure became a commodity. Price pressures and loss leading bids destroyed margins. Buildings were planned better, pre-equipped with everything people needed.

As demand waned, so did TEC’s lead gen. They asked estound to help them pivot to managed services like VoIP, security and the cloud.

The obvious thing to do would have been to help them get out.

Instead, we used it to illuminate a new path forward.

Cabling doesn’t just connect buildings. It connects people.

Our research and analytics showed that even if cabling stopped driving profits, it would stay an ideal doorway into something just as important.


TEC had been picking up recurring revenue by default due to their quality. With one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, customers knew they could trust TEC technicians, engineers and salespeople. 

That was our opportunity.

We advised TEC to avoid one-off consumer jobs. Fill the funnel with business leads that perhaps didn’t appear as promising at first blush. And restructure the critical conversation after installation so that it naturally evolved into a discussion about high-value, long-term, ongoing services that kept the lights on.

Results didn’t happen overnight. Well, actually, they did.

The first step was building out a new site that mimicked the decision maker’s buying process. Our design featured cables that connected naturally to information about other services.

(Hey, it’s a metaphor!)

The results from this step alone were impressive. We saw a lift as soon as the new site launched. And over a couple months, analytics improved even more.

  • The average number of users increased by 9x.
  • MQLs more than doubled, driven by high-value B2B traffic.

Once we had the new website in place, we started to run search advertising, targeted to tech decision makers on the hunt for cabling companies or managed services.

  • TEC’s pipeline of marketing qualified leads more than doubled again.
  • Recurring revenue also doubled YOY.

Best of all, TEC’s new marketing engine is sustainable. They’re enjoying the fruits of strategy and focus. And the pipeline of leads we’ve built will continue to pay dividends for years to come.


Talking with estound is a relief. They understand marketing – the way we actually get leads and the business results that I’m held accountable to. Investing in the long term pays for even better results each year.

Bob Gedrose, President
TEC Integration

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